There Are Rarely Any Vacancies Now

When my uncle asked me if I would like a job helping him at a new apartment complex, I was very happy to do that. I knew that the pay was good and the benefits are incredible, and I was not going to pass up an opportunity like this. He told me I would need to read up on leasing agent training because the bulk of my job would be selling the appeal of the apartments to prospective tenants. I had been inside several of the apartments trying to decide which one I wanted for myself, so I knew more than enough about the appeal.

What I did not know was how to sell an apartment to someone who is undecided and not ready to commit to living in one of the apartments at my uncle’s complex. That is why he wanted me to read up on how to convince someone who is on the fence. I knew enough about the apartments that they would practically sell themselves, but I thought brushing up on the technique of actually selling the appeal was definitely a good idea. He told me where I could go online to get this training, and it was extremely helpful.

I was able to read about so many different scenarios, and I was surprised to find such great information. I thought I would do a good job before doing this training, and I was convinced there would be no vacancies for long after I was done. That proved to be true because I am really good at my job. When someone moves out, I have nearly a dozen people on the waiting list ready to take over an apartment now. My uncle has even given me a promotion because of how proactive I am with keeping up with everything here.