An Apartment Close to Work

I have lived on the west coast most of my life, but I was excited about moving right outside of D.C. It did not bother me that I did not know a single person there or that I had never been there before. I had done a lot of research on the area before I even submitted my application for a position I really wanted near the nation’s capital, so I knew that I would adjust rather easily. Once I received word the job was mine, I looked at apartments in Manassas Park VA since that was in the general area of where I would be working.

Truth be told, I was glad that I would be in a suburb of D.C. rather than in the capital itself. It was having the best of both worlds. I am just a short train ride away from the city, yet I have a more laid back area to live and work in. Like I said, it is the best of two amazing worlds. The apartment that I ended up getting is at the Palisades at Manassas Park complex. It is a very modern and very appealing complex that would make nearly anyone happy to live there.

I was able to gather a lot of information just from the website itself, and I also looked at some other websites that do reviews of local businesses in that area. This complex had nothing but great reviews, which made submitting an application there much easier. Of course, I did fly there and look in person before signing anything, but it was nice to be able to do the majority of the work in securing it from thousands of miles away. I am now settled in here at Palisades, and both my living conditions and work conditions are even better than I could have hoped for.