Excellent Respite from the Hustle and Bustle of Atlanta

A friend at work suggested I look into apartments in Tucker GA after he listened to me rant yet again about the downsides of living in Atlanta. I think I was going on a tear about the horrific traffic. Atlanta is known nationally as an extremely difficult city to get around in, and I routinely complain about even driving short distances for groceries or the like. He suggested Tucker, which is a town on the outskirts of the city. He and his wife moved there some time ago and they have nothing but good things to say about it.

Another benefit of moving outside the city is that you can avoid a lot of the crime that plagues the inner city. I know a lot of people who have lived here for many years and almost all of them have fallen victim to some sort of criminal issue. Mostly it’s getting a car broken into or stolen, but occasionally it’s something worse such as a mugging or a carjacking. Atlanta has a big problem with crime and I don’t see the issue getting resolved anytime soon. If anything, it’s likely to get worse as more and more people move into the area.

So I went online to see if I could find an apartment as well as to find out if I could even afford to live in the area. Many cities and towns on the outskirts of Atlanta are quite expensive as anyone with money got out of the city years ago. I soon located an option that I thought would work and drove out to take a look around. It’s a nice place with plenty of apartment style amenities and floor plans that really catch your eye. I think I’m going to move into a unit soon because I’ve got to get out of this city!