I Just Got Back from Charlotte

Of course the boss can tell me to do pretty much whatever she wants me to do, this is a family own company even if it is a pretty large one and her family owns every single bit of it. So I spent the last week working for her 18 year old daughter, helping her find a luxury apartments for rent in south Charlotte NC and then moving her in the place. Obviously we wanted to find a place near the campus and that is what we tried to do, but of course she was looking for something nice too. The boss only has the one child and it is a wonder this one did not turn out to be some spoiled rich girl. She followed me and this guy I hired down there in her brand new Mustang, not seeming to think that I drove fast enough even though I was driving a five ton truck and towing a trailer that had her furniture on it. In fact her Mom was using this as an excuse to replace her own furniture, even though the stuff we took seemed to be pretty new.

At any rate the job went pretty well and it just so happened that the Panthers were playing a preseason game that started pretty soon after I got done. Some way or another this girl had access to one of the luxury boxes and when we got there we found out it had something to do with one of the Nascar team owners. I am not an expert on that sport, but I know that Charlotte is the center of their world and all of the other people in the box had one thing or another to do with the stock car racing business. I tried not to seem too dumb about it, so I kept quiet.